Thank you for considering a Q Residential property for your next home. Our desire is that you reside in quality.

The first step in getting started is to complete an application, which can be completed online or we can complete with you in person in one of our rental offices. If applying in person, specific information is required. We recommend you bring the following with you:

  • A letter of employment on company letterhead from your present employer. This letter should state your complete name, position, years of service, annual salary and should be signed by your direct manager or supervisor. If you are self-employed, we require financial statements from an accountant for the most recent two years and your Notice of Assessment form.
  • Please have the name and telephone number of your current landlord available so we can call for a reference. Alternatively, you can provide us with a letter of reference from your current landlord.
  • To conduct a credit check, we will need your social insurance number. This is strictly to ensure identification accuracy and your privacy is always protected.

Your privacy is important to us. For information on our privacy guidelines, please review our privacy policy.